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I am still here, safe and sound.  I have been busy with school, work, and fun activities.
I am still working on my design for work.  There is a lot that goes into designing and getting it ready to be made.  My design will be sent to a manufacturer who will make the parts I designed.  So my sketches need to be correct and detailed.  I still have to do some work with the part list and a few changes on the design.  I think I understand why it is important to know about both design and manufacturing.  I designed a part that I now need to change because it would be difficult to make and it would cost too much. This next week I will finish my design.  I will then put it together once the parts come in.

Thermodynamics has been challenging.  The hardest part is not having anyone to do it with.  When I need to ask the professor a question he is often sleeping due to the time difference.  I got my program done today and I just have a little bit more to do for my project that is due Tuesday.  I also have a test on Tuesday.  I am not sure what we will be learning about in my green energy class this week.  I hope it is an interesting topic.

There were some Spanish students here for about a year.  They left on Saturday so we hung out on Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday they made Spanish food.  Mostly pasta.  On Friday we went t0 a restaurant.  At the table there was a spinning tray.  The food would go on it and we could grab what we wanted from it.  It was delicious.

On Saturday I went to a baseball game.  It had the same rules as in America but the crowd acted different.  There was a small band for each team and they were really loud, chanting and drumming when their batter was hitting.  Some players have their own song.  The crowd all had noise makers and got really into it.  I have new pictures posted so check them out.

After I got back from the game, another group of people wanted me to go do karaoke with them.  They call it KTV and it is extremely popular in Taiwan and China.  You go in a private room with your friends.  There is a karaoke machine and you just eat and sing.  All the songs have music videos, which is a little different then in America.  There were English songs, so i did my share of singing too.  They can speak English as well, so we all sang many English songs together.

Today, I went to church with two friends.  I enjoyed taking them there.  One had gone to church last week with me, for the first time.  It was the other guy's first time today.  I plan on hanging out with some of the people that I have met from that church again.  They asked me today, if I wanted to go to Green Island with them in the end of July.  That would be a possibility.  I also may be able to help out at a little kids church camp where the kids are learning English. 

I love all the opportunities I am getting. 

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    My name is Kevin Hancock.      I am studying abroad from June-August of 2010 in Taipei, Taiwan.  Here is a blog of my experiences.


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    Fun Fact!!!!!!!!
    (I will try and update this often.)

    In Taiwan they don't normally drink anything with their meal because they always have rice.  They say the rice will fill up with the moisture and make their stomach hurt.  Many restaurants don't have anything for you to drink.  After you eat, you find a near by tea shop and get something there.

    There is a separate lane for mopeders because there are so many here.
    Kleenexs are used as facial tissues, napkins, paper towels, and toilet paper!

    You can count to 9 on one hand in Taiwan.

    You shouldn't place your chop sticks in your food.  It is correct to set them on top of your bowl.  Sticking them in the bowl represents incense in ashes, which is done in temples.